An open letter to anyone sick and tired of "pipe dream" pushers and bold-faced lies... but who still hasn't given up hope of making good money online!

"The Obscure Little
To Making A
Great Online Living
Has Been Kept Away
From You In
Strict Secrecy!"

Why is it so hard to find success online?... and what's the missing puzzle piece that stands between you and your dreams of making good money from home?

      Dear friend,

      I make no apologies when I say...

      "Most of what you see, hear and read about making money from home is complete B.S!"

      And I hope you too are just about sick-n-tired of an un-godly amount of dubious-claim-stuffed advertising and hype.

      If not, flip the page and move on. There's no value for you here.

      But if you're ready to fight your way out of all the insanity and confusion, scrolling through all the emotional testimonials on this page may kick-start the big breakthrough you've been longing for...

      And before I tell you more about how you can take a sledgehammer to all the confusion in one fell swoop, tell me...

      When was the last time someone didn't try to sell you some magic potion, lotion or pipe dream... When was the last time you've been told the truth about...

"The ONLY Risk-Free
To Banking Six Figures...
And Keeping It Too!"

      Hi, my name is Lourens Haasbroek.

      And when I'm not super busy being a caring dad and a loving husband, I help struggling Internet marketers go from zero to one hundred percent in their online businesses using a unique 12-step totally Done-For-You marketing system.

      In a few moments, you'll get the straight up truth about what it takes to kill it online without a single drop of salesman blood in you.

      Battlefield tactics that work for anyone, no exceptions, even rookies.

      Ignoring this truth is outright dangerous to your online success. Those armed with it virtually never fail online. The fools attempting to go out there empty-handed... end up getting bloodied, beaten and left for dead by competition.

      I risk catching lots of flack from the goo-roo's for sharing these tremendously-effective secrets with you, but I just don't care. I choose to make lots of enemies, but I know I'll also make a legion of friends, who are going to be super-thankful to me for sharing what I know with them at no cost, because it's impossibly-hard to succeed online without it...

      I'm breaking down everything, including the exact same...

System Rose-Marie
& Toby Used To
Finally Strike Gold
On The Internet!"

"This is different"

"Alby & Lourens showed
me how to get traffic!"

      Below on this page I offer you the key to the vault containing mysterious "learn it tonight, use it tomorrow" marketing secrets me and my partner Alby Koster use to transform total zeros to unstoppable heroes in a virtual heartbeat.

      Not everyone qualifies to use these proven strategies.

      And we can't just let anyone in.

      But if you have what it takes we'll show you everything we know about giving your life an...

"...Extreme Financial
In Less Than 12 Weeks!"

      The BIG secret?

      A proven power-house system we call "PTG"

      Here's why it can jumpstart your online business like nothing else...

      Attempting to crack the code to a full-time online income is like trying to explore the 114 ft. deep Nelson Bay Cave with a pocket flashlight. Just like that, most people spend years chasing their own tail in the dark wasting tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars.

      This saddens me, because the solution to all their problems is very simple, yet it's hidden so deep below the surface that it's only shared behind closed doors, amongst the most respected grizzled marketing veterans in the world.

      Ask any one of them and they'll tell you it all comes down to your product, your traffic and your willingness to succeed.

      The PTG system is a custom-designed in-house solution we created to eliminate the three biggest success-killing blunders most guys make:

  1. Promote low quality products that stink
  2. Drive low quality traffic that doesn't convert
  3. Don't stick to clear, step by step battle-plan under close guidance of an experienced mentor... so they end up chasing shiny objects wasting money and time

      These are the only three possible reasons someone might fail online. And  the PTG system takes a huge wrecking ball to all three! So when you use it nothing can stand between you and your online success.

"Simply Follow One
Easy Step
After The Next"

      When you do...

      There's absolutely no guesswork whatsoever...

      It's pretty much impossible to "get stuck"...

      And equally impossible to fail...

      Because you're always sure that the next step you're taking is the right one.

      To the best of my knowledge, no other marketing system even comes close to giving you this kind of air-tight support.

      Until now we rolled out the red carpet for a very limited number of go-getters who we've taught to beat the gurus at their own game (without any vicious dirty tricks. PTG is 100% white hat).

      The rumors about their success spread fast, forcing us to do a broad, wider release of this system.

      And we're darn proud we did...

      ...Because in just 8 months we helped 15,000+ real people!

      But this is not about us.

      This is about you teaming up with the "good guys" in town to shortcut your way to making good money from home, regardless of your age, sex or present occupation.

"World's Biggest

      That's what your family and friends will see you as when they witness you living life on your own terms just like many PTG members.

      They'll be shocked to discover you earn an honest and lucrative living... without chasing your family & friends... Going on weird and uncomfortable 3-way meetings... And with no cold calling whatsoever.

      To them, it's going to seem like magic. But we'll know it's all thanks to THE system. Because having PTG in your corner takes all the confusion out of making money on the internet... It's a unique unfair advantage.

      Imagine taking a shotgun to a bare-knuckle fight. Your competition has zero chance at taking you down. And they're only one quick trigger-pull away from total annihilation.

      This might seem weird to you, and that's okay.

      You should feel weird right now, because for most guys just like you, making money is never easy... it's never fast...

      Leveraging PTG is like having the secret passcode to the world's richest, most-secured financial facility. You can just slip right past the vicious security guards in broad daylight unarmed and stroll out with pockets full of cash, while other brave-souls remain trapped...

Dirty Rats
In A
Steel Cage..."

      Here's how it usually goes down...

      You sit through a 2-hour webinar that walks you through the features and the benefits of the whiz-bang or product on sale. (I've been pitched with coffee, skin care products, protein shakes and even food supplements that make you skinny with no workout...)

      Next, you're being presented the amazing compensation plan, which can potentially earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars with virtually no effort (big red flag most guys miss).

      And finally, they ask you to reach for your credit card and pay up to get started right now because the spots are supposedly limited (even though they'll give the same webinar tomorrow and the day after).

      Next step on the list?

      You make a "warm" list of family and friends to go "push" this product to...

      Let's recap...

      You've just dumped a ton of money in a brand new risky business you know very little about...

      You're probably not going to use the product and only interested in the moneymaking side of the opportunity (but you have to keep buying the product anyway just to qualify for affiliate payouts)...

      And worse...

      You're forced to embarrass yourself, begging the closest people you care about to join you too.

      No wonder no one makes a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g with these opportunities! You're doing something every cell and fiber in your body is rejecting.

      You don't believe in the product...

      You haven't been taught how to ethically enroll people without being pushy and obnoxious...

      And you're not willing to rip anyone off by saying things that just ain't true!

      Next, a penny drops and you realize there's no one you can talk to about all this, because...

"...Your Upline's Simply
Too Busy

New Personals
To Deal With
Right Now!"

      Fast-forward a year later:

      You're still struggling to get your business off the ground... while your upline seems to have moved on to better, bigger things.

      You've lost mountains of time you can't make back.

      Everyone seems light years ahead of you.

      They're pocketing cash hand over fist while you're scratching your head, wondering where it all gone screwy.

     Anyone you come in close contact with turns their back the moment they hear your canned pitch.

      Looks like all the good prospects are hiding.

      Enrolling new personals is costly and difficult.

      But what really matters is...

      You're still dead broke and haven't gotten an inch closer to your goal of securing a financial nest egg for retirement.

      But what if there was...

"A Global Team
Of Professionals Who
Work Tirelessly
To Make YOU Rich?"

      Sounds highly unlikely, I know...

      Yet it's true.

      And before I tell you more about how you can start generating residual commissions without losing the shirt off your back...

      First, allow me to explain... why we want to help you get rich!

      See... When we get down to brass tacks, making money online is easy... if you know what you're doing.

      The problem: most marketers have no clue what the hell they're doing.

      So they waste years "guessing..." or worse...

      Listening to "false prophets" who preach rehashed theory without any real "in the trenches" experience.

      They don't know who or what to believe...

      Some eventually strike gold by luck.

      Most guys - not so lucky.

      In spite of sacrificing the little free time and spare cash they got - they remain trapped in a vicious dream-shattering cycle... Always chasing success but not quite reaching it... Overwhelmed with information, lacking the guidance on the specific steps they need to take.

      That takes a giant crowbar to their dreams of not having to wake up 6AM in the morning, hiding under a hoodie and commuting to work.

      I know - I've been there myself.

"I Took The
Slow & Painful
Route To The
Online Cash"

      The slow route sucked!

      I jumped from one opportunity to the next...

      Companies tanked under me...

      At one point I was almost wiped out financially. I had no idea how the hell am I going to pay all my debt and the looming threat of bankruptcy was driving me up the wall...

      And the moment I needed someone to be there for me... My sponsor left me bleeding on the battlefield.

      It's funny how they want to be your best friend... sweet talking you into enrolling and promising to hold your hand and take good care of you (because they know this is EXACTLY what you want to hear)... but shortly after pushing you over the fence -- they don't pick up the phone, reply to your emails or your Skype messages.

      If my experience is one you can easily relate to, you'll be happy to know...

"We Got Your Back, Partner!"

      To date, me and my business partner and dear friend Alby Koster have helped over 15,000 people escape the vicious dream-shattering cycle of doom.

      One such person is Shawn Patience from sunny South Africa, who's been chasing shiny objects for years.

      His sponsor went totally A.W.O.L.

      Support? Handholding? Please!

      That's why Shawn's the first to shout from the rooftops about the exciting results our team helped him achieve through precise application of the PTG marketing system...

"Amazing 24/7 support!"

      So now that you know what we're all about...

      We say the following with utter confidence and conviction...

      If you're not making $1,000.00+ a week right now, wondering aimlessly, consuming torrents of information and hopelessly jumping from one opportunity to the next...

      ...If you're ready for something different... we would love to be able to help you too (if you're made of the right stuff).

"I was just looking for
a real mentor and a step-
by-step system to follow..."

"We've covered our costs
in a few short weeks!"

"PTG System Fills The Gaps!"

      If you're looking to put an end to all your financial struggle once and for all...

      That's where we can help - almost immediately.

      If you've bought into the hype only to have your hopes shattered again and again...

      We want to take you by the hand and guide you on a straight and simple path to taking full control of your time and your finances.


      Because when our team members get amazing results (and they usually do), that's when our business really grows!

      Have you ever heard the phrase "Success breeds success"?

      If you did, the following will make perfect sense to you...

      When our team members get results, they become our best "salespeople." A happy customer's testimonial is a thousand times more compelling than any advertising. This means the more people we help, the more cash we all bank together...

      But this not just about the money for us.

      It's also about "quality people"

"This System
Is Super-Simple
But It's NOT
For Everyone"

      Look... This isn't another loophole, get rich quick scheme or anything like that. And we're definitely not excited to team up with people looking for magical stuff that doesn't exist.

      This is a real business that requires real effort to get results.

      And that means, some people are just not a great fit.

      But if you are willing to invest the minimum effort required, we invite you to take a peek behind the curtain where hardworking folks from all corners of the planet are crushing it right now.

"I wanted a business that's
going to be around for years..."

      If we're on the same wavelength about what it takes to be successful, we would like to give you a hand in building your personal long-lasting residual online income...

"You Know, The Kind That
Doesn't Demand
A Huge Budget Upfront
To Get Decent Results"

      Some started with little money, others with no money at all...

      A fellow Aussie, Martin Varlow, used free traffic to compensate for a small ad budget and used the profits collected to scale up.

      Martin's wife is really pleased to finally see real results after all the years of investing in bogus opportunities...

start seeing results on
a very small budget!"

      We run a global team that helps people all over the planet.

      Some of our members could barely speak a lick of English when getting started like Alexander Rozinek from Switzerland.

      With a baby on the way he was forced to pick up a 70-hour a week truck driving job just to make ends meet. He turned to the internet in hopes of being able to supplement his job income to spend more time at home.

      Here's the results the PTG system created for Alex...

"They care so much...
You can't beat that!"

      Age and technical skill set - simply do not matter.

      Fernando is 69 years old.

      He knew he couldn't afford to waste another second trying to figure things out on his own, not when the stakes are so high... So he reached out to Lourens and here's what happened next...

"Whenever I have a problem,
I just put the question up and
someone helps me!"

"I know I can't lose!"

      In fact, when you go through our simple tutorials and use the support tools (available exclusively to team members), no technical challenge is likely to hold you back for long because we keep things simple, so you can get fast results without being a tech whiz-kid...

"Great support. Great team!"

      Our team has already assisted hundreds of REAL PEOPLE to give their lives an extreme financial makeover... fast.


      Simply by precise implementation of the super-simple 12-step PTG "Master Plan."

      It's paint-by-numbers easy. It's proven. It works virtually every single time anyone applies it.

"They WANT us to succeed
and they'd do ANYTHING for us!"

"The future looks bright"

"I feel they care about me,
the team and our success"

"How YOU Can
Be The Next
Testimonial Giver
On This Page..."

      Naturally, given the proven results you can see on this page, our time is in constant high-demand.

      Ordinary folks who've struggled for years to make money online are finally fulfilling their dreams thanks to having access to our proven "Done For You" system and the word is spreading fast.

      So naturally... before we discuss linking arms together in the long term, we want to be sure we're talking to someone who's ready to build a REAL Internet business.

      Not someone looking for a ‘magical-money button' or any crap like that.

      I'm sure you'll agree mentoring is a two way street...

      And if you're looking forward to linking arms with us by joining our fast-growing team of success stories, get ready to put your working cap on and give us your best by following our proven master-plan to the "T"

      Fredrik knows this very well.

      He tried to reinvent the wheel and failed...

      But then he began to follow our blueprint and look what happened next...

"Never experienced anything
like this before."

"Ethical and great opportunity"

"WARNING: We're NOT Willing To
Share This Unfair Advantage
With Just Anyone..."

      We're looking for motivated individuals who are willing to help themselves.

      Folks looking for a hand-UP, not a hand-OUT.

      We're not looking for tire kickers.

      Tire kickers don't HATE their job... they don't mind saying "No" to their wife or kids when they see something they want out at the store... they don't mind living a life absent of exotic vacations and fast cars.

      And we honestly don't have time for tire-kickers.

      We're only looking to connect with people who are desperate to stop worrying about money...

      Who wants to make sure their loved ones are well cared for...

      Who are willing to put in the time and effort to create REAL & LASTING wealth that means they never need to stay stuck in a crappy job ever again.

      If you're a hard worker... If you're dedicated to invest the minimum effort required to achieve your goals...

      We welcome you to join the family...

      And it doesn't matter if you're a healthy young individual or an older person who's health is giving up on them...

      It simply does not matter because our system works regardless of age, sex or race...

      Andy here can testify to the ultimate support we give to our members.

      He started his business out of a hospital bed, recovering from a major heart attack. What happened next exceeded his wildest expectations...

"These guys are my secret
unfair marketing advantage"

"The people are just amazing..."

"They simply genuinely care
and they're reachable!"

"Click The Button Below
And We'll Help You
To Get Started FAST!

To your wealth and prosperity,
Lourens Hassbroek & Albert 'Alby' Koster

P.S. The PTG marketing system works for ANY online business opportunity and that's what makes it so dangerous...

Any rookie can easily master PTG to dominate competition virtually anywhere.

We insist on "plugging" it with "Karatbars."

Why Karatbars?

What better way to protect your family from financial hardships than investing in an asset such as gold?

Ever since joining Karatbars and plugging into PTG, Lori Petrosino is able to sleep well at night knowing her family have a financial safety net to bank on if things go awry...

"We wanted something
to protect our kids..."

"They don't sugar-coat things.
They tell-it-like-it-is..."

"Click The Button Below
And We'll Help You
To Get Started FAST!

P.P.S. Here's some frequently asked questions we've been getting from people wanting to join our ever-growing family of amazing success stories you might be pondering right now...

QUESTION: I am trying to build this new income part-time. I've got a lot going in my life and I can't afford to invest myself full-time in this, will this still work for me?

Yes. When you follow our 12-step battle-plan, you don't need to spend weeks behind your computer setting things up. We like to keep things simple and fast. Thousands of our family members started out while holding on to their day jobs or businesses before going full-time online. Life-changing residual income doesn't just fall in your lap overnight (remember, this is not another hyped up silver bullet), but it doesn't have to take ages either. When you follow our PTG master plan to a "t" you too will enjoy quick income growth just like Yuen, a mother of 3 children, who built her business in her spare time...

"This type of support is very rare..."

QUESTION: I can't afford to invest a lot of money but I still want to work with you. Do I qualify?

It's okay if you don't have much money to get started (although having a bigger budget speeds up results). We'll happily show you a simple way to get started with very little money down and quickly have this small investment yield high returns. And then, we'll show you a quick & easy way to scale up using your profits. You might not move as fast as someone with deep pockets, but moving in baby steps is a million times better than sitting on your hands, don't you agree? Laura & Hayden learned this first-hand when they were faced with a decision whether to stick to whatever little cash they had left to their name (Hayden lost a small fortune in bad investments with other opportunities) or to take a calculated leap of faith and join our team and look what happened next...

"We invested whatever we got
and scaled up using our profit."

As you can see, Laura And Hayden started with no entrepreneurial experienced and succeeded by following the PTG marketing system.

They re-invested their profits (because they didn't have much money to invest in the first place) and today both are enjoying the benefits of the laptop lifestyle.

Ben, on the other hand, had plenty of business experience. He attempted a few businesses before starting with us. He learned the hard way how costly it is to start a brick and mortar venue (he invested over $11,000.00 in a coffee bean venture but it was same as flushing it down a toilet bowl) and how affordable and simple success online REALLY is when you switch on the PTG marekting system...

"Do this and you'll kill it!"

And if things are getting really desperate for you, please meet Gerald. He started out building his online business out of his car, crashing on people's couches and borrowing money just to enroll. He borrowed some more money for marketing (less than a few hundred bucks) and look what happened next...

"I was a reck. I started out
living in my car..."

QUESTION: Does your method require setting up my own website, building a list or any of the usual technical stuff?

You can get started without being a tech whiz. Some of our biggest success stories started out knowing nothing about how to set up a squeeze page let alone an email list. Like Eric Rodgers, over time they picked up the simple skills needed to start pocketing cash online. Few short weeks later, here's the results they report...

"I have so much support!"

Eric started out the traditional way, making a list of friends and family and marketing to them. He quickly got a few sign ups, but he alienated more people than he helped. When he got started with our 12-step system, he didn't even know what he was doing, he just followed the simple steps we lay out... Now he's enjoying the benefits of a pre-paid Karatbars Master Card pre-loaded with cash he banked thru PTG system.

"Money just keeps coming in..."

Remember: Our income grows only when yours does. Success breeds success. We've been tirelessly working to create an idiot-proof 12-step starter system to get you the results you want really-really fast. You just have to follow the steps!

When you do, you are likely to enjoy amazing results like these...

"There's always someone
there who helps you"

QUESTION: How long before I start pocketing cash?

Some of our clients have built a full-time income (which exceeds their annual "job" income 4X in as little as 12 weeks... Your results will depend on how fast you implement the PTG marketing system in your business. If you simply follow its simple steps, soon you'll be another happy testimonial giver on this page like L.B. below who matched his annual "job" income with Karatbars in just 12 weeks...

"I made my entire
earnings on my J.O.B
in 2012 in just
12 weeks with PTG!"

QUESTION: Do you show me how to get free traffic?

Yes, we do. Many of our team leaders are generating the lion share of their sign ups through no cost marketing methods they learned thru the PTG marketing system. However we don't recommend relying exclusively on free traffic to grow your business.

Here's why...

I'm sure you'll agree it's a costly mistake to put all your eggs in one basket. That's why it should make perfect sense to you when we encourage you to diversify your business as much as possible.

When you join our team, we'll show you how to generate leads through paid traffic. But it's not like you have to be a Rockefeller to get tons of highly-qualified sign ups. We are realistic and we know that most people, just like many of our success stories, start out with a very limited budget. We also advise against careless spending - it's stupid and an expensive activity.

Instead, let us show you an easier way to build your business. It's also more affordable than anything you've ever seen - guaranteed. And if you're anything like most of our students who start out with little cash in their pocket, you'll be the first one to express your gratitude when we show you our simple 12-step approach to scaling your business with your profits, without losing the shirt off your back.

You also won't have to chase family and friends. We all know that doesn't work. It only makes people running the other way when they see you coming. Instead, we invite you to let our 12-step system do all the heavy lifting just like it did for John and Colleen...

"You can see these guys
are for REAL!"

QUESITON: Is there any extra costs involved to get started and actually get results?

By reading this far you've proven you're serious about building a long-lasting income that will shield you and your family from the financial hardships ahead. This means you realize it takes money to make money... But it won't cost you an arm and a leg either. The minimal costs required to get started is something anyone can afford (we're talking a ball park of $200). It's a 2-part investment. 1st part - low cost enrollment fee into the company we're using as our financial vehicle which has proven to be the most reliable company we've ever worked with (We'll explain why we choose to work with this specific company when you enroll using the instructions below. Remember, we've crashed and burned through dozens of opportunities before arriving here). The 2nd part - one-time $19 admin fee to set you up with team web resources, training & support.

While you don't need deep pockets to get started, it helps if you can afford to invest more than $200. This will likely help you speed up your results dramatically. If, on the other hand, you're okay with progressing slowly (but firmly) towards your financial goals - that's okay too. We welcome you and looking forward to helping you advance your success!

QUESTION: Most online opportunities sell pipe dreams. What EXACTLY am I going to be promoting? I want to sleep well at night when my business grows. I really want to help people!

We understand where you're coming from. And we nod our head in agreement when you say most online opportunities are pushing pipe dreams. In fact, some of the companies we've been involved with in recent years were nothing but cleverly disguised ponzi schemes.

Costly lessons learned in the past taught us to take any claim with a grain of salt. Just like you, we're extremely cautious of companies making claims that are just too good to be true. Some will even sell you on making money out of thin air. What a joke!

What's worse, when you're pushing pipe dreams, you manipulate people into giving you money. Most people aren't willing to do that - and neither should they. There's nothing honorable about scamming people out of their hard earned dollars.

I don't know about you, but for us - integrity comes first. I am a great believer in paying it forward. That's why we have created the fool-proof 12-step PTG marketing system around this specific company called "Karatbars"

And you don't have to take it from us either, simply tune in to see what our team members are saying...

"Value of the dollar keeps plumetting through the floor. Gold secures our children's future"

This is completely different from all the junk out there?

Take a few minutes to see why joining Karatbars and Protection Through Goldteam was the obvious choice for our long standing member Daneng Xiong when it comes to building an honest and ethical long term business from home...

"I wanted to be smart about money."

More experienced team members like Adries from South Africa are in complete agreement with Daneng... After switching 23 different companies, Andries can appreciate a revolutionary product and a trustworthy leadership when he sees one.

Here's what this hard-core home based business veteran who started 24 online businesses, 22 of which failed miserably, has to say about working with Karatbars...

"I finally found the right opportunity"

"The integrity of people
on this team simply
blew me away"

You will not have to "push" or "peddle" anything. You will not be asked to do anything unethical or blackhat.

We genuinely want to help people make a positive financial change in their lives. Enter your details in the form below to discover how to join our team and start walking through our idiot-proof 12-step marketing system as soon as today...

"Click The Button Below
And We'll Help You
To Get Started FAST!

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